Scottish District IOM Travellers 3, Buchanness, 10th September 2016

Report and photographs by John Owens: 6

Ten skippers from five Scottish clubs assembled at Forehill Reservoir under warm blue skies to participate in the third and final 2016 Scottish District IOM Travellers. The event was hosted by Buchanness Radio Yacht Club with skippers travelling from Edinburgh, the Kingdom of Fife, Dundee, Aberdeen and, of course, Peterhead. The wind was predominantly southerly but with common switches to the SSW or SSE. This made course setting a case of compromise and racing a careful game of trying to link the ladders and avoiding the snakes.

Following the skippers briefing at 09:45, just after 10:00. Based on local advice, RO John Owens, set a port rounding windward – leeward course with a spreader mark at the windward end and a gate at the leeward end. The intent was to help avoid potential for collisions and also provide skippers with options in the swinging wind conditions. Each race was comprised of three beats. Most of the course was comfortably mid #1 rig although there was a wind shadow to be negotiated at the windward and spreader marks. 4

The first race was won by local skipper Bill Odger sailing his distinctive white Britpop. Throughout the day, Bill went on to record five top three positions. As the morning progressed the breeze gradually built and became dominated from a more SSE direction. Thus, the start line was adjusted and the course switched to a starboard rounding.

The regular Scottish District IOM Travellers sequence of two races and a five-minute break was followed with a mid-morning break. Special mention must be made of Steve Herridge for his very popular donation of donuts that went down very well!

As the morning continued, the challenging conditions were dominated by Ian Dundas, Ali Law and Steve Taylor (sailing his hand-built wooden Corbie) all fresh back from sailing at the UK IOM Nationals. However, they were not having it all their own way and by lunchtime seven different skippers had top three results. 3

After lunch the wind picked up with gusts towards the top end of #1 rig, hard pressing the boats with bows occasionally being buried when on the run. Nevertheless, all skippers chose to stay with the biggest rig (#1) and did a remarkably good job of managing their boats in the excellent but challenging racing conditions. Although suffering some rig damage, Ian Thompson managed to continue racing with a 2nd place in race 11.

Throughout the day, the conditions continued to keep the skippers on their toes. After 15 races were completed a halt to racing was called. Buchanness had again hosted a great days sailing which was hard but fairly fought by the skippers. A review of the results kept by Scorer Cathy Reid showed that only Robert Brown managed to avoid a 9th or 10th position although seven skippers enjoyed at least one top-three position … the snakes and ladders had truly been at work! 8 At the end of the day

Overall, Ian Dundas had 6 bullets and had sailed consistently well to win the 2016 Scottish District IOM Travellers 3. Ali Law just pipped Steve Taylor by one point for 2nd and 3rd followed by Buchanness skippers Bill Odger and Ian Thompson in 4th and 5th.


Final Position Skipper Boat Design Club Uncorrected Corrected
1 Ian Dundas Britpop! Aberdeen 37.0 23.0
2 Ali Law Britpop! Buchanness 49.0 33.0
3 Stephen Taylor Corbie Aberdeen 51.0 34.0
4 Bill Odger Britpop! Buchanness 70.0 52.0
5 Ian Thompson Britpop! Buchanness 84.0 62.0
6 Brian Summers Buzz II Tayside 88.0 69.0
7 Robert Brown Britpop! Levenhall 88.0 72.0
8 Richard Ennos Equus Levenhall 97.0 79.0
9 Sandy Mackay Pikanto Kinghorn 131.0 110.0
10 Steve Herridge Italiko Buchanness 148.0 126.0


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