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Benefits of Having Trees On Your Property

October 19, 2018 • caledoniasailing

When many people think ago trees and residential properties, they think about the nightmare of tree roots destroying building foundations or neighbors filing lawsuits for overgrowth. In this article, we seek to highlight some of the benefits of trees. So, here are 5 hints you should think about having trees on your property:1. Kids
If you think back to when you were a kid, it’s likely that you always dreamed of having a tree house. So, if you currently have your own children, you might want to think about putting some trees in your garden so that you can construct a tree house or a tree swing for them. What’s more, trees are much more naturally beautiful and visually appealing than all of the brightly colored plastic swings and children’s playhouses available in the outdoor playground section of many toy superstores.

2. Shade
If your property is exposed to bright sunlight all day, you might find yourself spending a small fortune on your air conditioning bill in addition to having to constantly adjust blinds so that the sun’s rays are not shining directly into your eyes. The right types of leafy trees can provide some much needs shade to your home, meaning it won’t get as hot on bright sunny days. Obviously, you don’t have to go from one extreme to the other. The aim should be comfortable partial shade.

3. Investment
Many people don’t think of trees as an investment, but if you live in an area of the world where apple trees or lemon trees, for example, can thrive, you could find yourself with lots of free fruit produce during certain seasons. Sometimes, money does grow on trees.

4. High Rainfall
If you live in an area that has lots of rain and are sick of soggy lawns, planting some leafy trees in the area might prove to be a very good decision. The root systems of many trees are vast and they can help to remove a lot of moisture from the ground. You need to make sure you opt for leafy, evergreen varieties, however, as obviously, a leafless twiggy branch doesn’t require much water to survive.5. Privacy
If your property is overlooked, making it difficult for you to enjoy time outside in your own backyard, trees could be an option. With some strategic planning, it might be possible to obscure views of your garden from various surrounding properties and thus make your garden more secluded and private. It’s important to note that for trees over a certain height, you might need planning permission, so make sure you check with local authorities like tree health fort worth. Also, it’s good to talk to your neighbors, so you can work together to make sure everyone is happy.Featured above are 5 hints you should think about having trees on your property. Hopefully, this article has helped you to start viewing trees near residential properties in a more positive light. Trees can take decades to grow, however, so if you want to reap benefits immediately, you need to plant trees that already have some established growth, as opposed to seeds.

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